Leadership and redemption. Mântuire şi conducere.

It’s amazing how much is God present in our lives. He redeems us by restoring our destiny and abilities. Abraham is restored as a leader and father of nations, Moses is restored as a major leader of his people and he, also, announces the arrival of another leader, greater than him, the Messiah, “the prophet like Moses”. David is restored as a leader, despite all his mistakes, etc. Jesus is the supreme human being, who fulfills God’s expectations, the one who gives himself as a sacrifice and show for the other the way ahead, as the best teacher, philosopher, etc.

Other nations had their great leaders as well, but here, in the holy history of Israel – and of the Church, God himself is at work, not only approving a trend but assuring that real leadership is brilliantly resumed and performed according to his will. Redemption has to do with restoring man to his organizing (managerial) skills, to his leadership authority on this planet and in this Universe at large, with restoring God’s likeness in us, at least, for the moment, through our representatives, but also, in everyone of us.